Requirements for creative writing

An ordinary writer writes his materials in a conventional and traditional way because they do not have a flair for idioms and creative instincts. While a creative writer use literary terms effectively and he also tends to see things differently. He always thinks about new themes and ideas and he loves creating scenes out of the blues. Although creativity is a God given gift but following are some requirements for a creative writer.

  1. Passion:
    A creative writer must have a passion for writing. He must know how to convey his ideas by writing. There are a lot of peoples who have perfect themes and ideas but they are not able to be a creative writer because they are not passionate for writing. A man who has a writing passion can write anything, any ideas and thoughts that he has in his mind. He plays with words and them according to his own will.
  2. Ideas and Themes:
    Ideology is the soul of creativity. One can only write creatively when he has any idea or basic theme for what he wants to write. If he is writing a novel or any other fiction, he should have an idea for using characters and story transcript. If he wants to write poetry he must have a theme and a subject. For journalism, he must have a topic about the event, thing, or person on which he is writing, to convey his thoughts about it in an effective way.
  3. Research:
    It is necessary for a creative writer to do research for his topic or subject. He must read widely to know what are the thoughts of other writers and how to do something different from the traditions. And he must be willing to learn from other writers. He must have a sound mind to have a firm grip of idiomatic expressions. Research will make him conscious of what is happening around him in the society and environment. He will also learn how to take morals from the defects and faults of himself as well as other writers.
  4. Have Fun:
    It is necessary for a creative writer that he must write in a suitable environment according to his own mind, otherwise he will not be able to write what he wants. If he is boring himself by not following his own ideas, he will end up chewing his pen and starring at a sheet of paper or gazing at a blank screen for hours. It is more important he must follow his own ideas and themes. If is working on a topic which is boring, then he must leave that and start a completely new project, something which must be purely for fun.

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